1. Can I use my existing bedding with a Four Poster Bed?

Four Poster frames can indeed be made to surround existing divan bedding, but the end results have some characteristics that must be explained in advance.

If the frame structure of posts and rails stands outside the mattress and divan bed base, the rails must stand proud of the bedding. We minimise the effect of this by making the rails less thick but deeper, and hide them under a decorative base valance. The gap is more pronounced at the foot rail, which has to be thicker than the side rails, but this is usually covered by the bed clothes or bedspread. If all the rails are set under the bedding and the corners are cut out of the mattress and base, then all these problems are resolved. In addition the bed has a more authentic sense of integrity.

Regular divan bedding is often lower in height than a Four Poster bed, which usually has a mattress height of 28" (75cm). Whilst this may be desirable in a low ceilinged room, on a bed of standard height (8'-8'6" / 2.2-2.45m) it may well appear too low for the proportions of the bed.

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1. Can I use my existing bedding with a Four Poster Bed?

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