3. What is the difference between Pocket Sprung and Bonnell?

Both grades of Beaudesert fine mattress are made from the same high quality fillings - layers of superior cotton felt, long-stranded horsehair and combed lambs wool are laid over our choice of 2 fine quality spring units. The pocket spring version uses the uniquely English system of small individual springs, each in its own calico pocket. With each small spring reacting to the pressure applied to the mattress a perfect degree of support is gained across the length of the body - with maximum support given automatically where it is needed most - ensuring the spine is kept straight even if you sleep on your side. The pocket sprung mattress has two rows of hand side-stitching, which anchors the outer spring units and covers together. The whole mattress is tufted with cotton tufts to keep the fillings and springs in place.

The Bonnell option, though made in a very similar way, has fewer, larger springs, which are linked together under the same high quality fillings. The impression is somewhat firmer than the pocketed, and is ideal for Guest Rooms or for children rooms, where the higher level of support may not be absolutely necessary.

Beaudesert bed bases are constructed from screwed and glued timber frames with a Bonnell spring unit offering responsive comfort and strong support to the frame. The square corner cut outs are exactly made to ensure a perfect fit.


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